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Live in the MOMENT and enjoy life to its fullest

We often hear the words: “Live in the Moment”, but what exactly does it mean?

Does it mean we forget the past? Or does it mean we do not plan for the future?

And then perhaps the most important question; how do we live in the moment.


For many years I would lay wide awake at night, replaying the events of the day. I would wonder how I could have done things differently and how things then might have turned out differently. It took me several years to realize that no matter how much I wished my past to be different, it would never be.

Later on, I turned my attention to the future. If only I can control what happens to me, I will be happier and have a better life.

In March 2020, my business started to show a profit, and for the first time in my life, I was excited about my future. Super excited I would lay awake at night, figuring out what the next steps should be to take my business to the next level.

And then, COVID-19 crept over South African borders, and we went into Lockdown. Everything changed, our futures out of our control. Suddenly all the sleepless nights, planning the next steps seemed utterly useless.

I realised how living in the moment is the only reality we have.

I learned to appreciate the time spent with my daughter. The countless hours we did not have anything else to do than sit quietly and discuss the burdens of the world over a cup of steaming hot coffee.

We connected with the present moment in a whole new way. And for the first time in many years, I felt joy rising inside of me.

Living in the moment means experiencing life to its fullest.


Our past is part of who we are. We will never be able to forget our past because then we will forget who we are.

BUT, that said, we cannot change anything from our past, no matter how hard we try to and how many nights we lay awake wishing we could.

We can only honour our past to take the lessons learned and apply it to this present moment to ensure we do not make the same mistakes. The lessons from our past can bring tremendous value to our lives and the lives of those around us.

We can allow our past to control us, or we can control how we move forward with the wisdom gained from past experiences. Many people waste their lives, wishing that their past could be different. But it cannot, and dwelling on the past will not change it.

If we do not embrace the moment, we will one day look back at this moment passed and wish we could change it. But then it will be too late. Every moment counts, or it will just become a memory, lost forever.


It will be unwise not to plan for the future. However, planning and worrying are two worlds apart.

Planning is to take control and do what we can today to ensure the best possible outcome tomorrow.

If we worry, we cannot think clearly and take the necessary steps to move forward. We get stuck in fear of the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, and we lose sight of the moment.

Tomorrow is not a given, and all the worrying today will not ensure a safe, troubleless future. However, we can enjoy the moment we are in and make sure that it gives us enough precious memories to keep us warm and focussed, no matter what the future holds.

Living and enjoying the moment will ensure a happier future worth living.


Living in the moment is a choice. We choose where we focus our attention and energy.

Use all your senses (smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing) to capture the beauty of the moment.

Smell the freshly brewed coffee waiting for you to taste the fullness of the beans brewed to perfection. See the flowers blooming in the garden, reminding you that life goes on silently without hassle. Listen to the birds greeting you every morning with joy and no worries. Hold the person you love while going for a walk. Taste the food prepared with love and enjoy the company during dinner.

Only when we direct our senses to what is happening right now, will we live in the moment. And only then will we be able to experience a joyful and fulfilled life.


This moment is what will shape our future. In this moment we will create beautiful memories to fill our days with joy and fulfilment. This moment is all we have. It is a combination of our past and our future. This moment will determine the rest of our lives.

Do not waste your time and energy on things you can never change. Or on things that might never be.

Capture this moment with all your senses, enjoy the beauty of this very moment and make sure that you will not regret this moment when you think back to it in the future.

You see, we build our future with happy memories, and the only time we have to create those happy memories is at this very moment.

You deserve to experience the joy of a fulfilled and happy life. And that will only be possible if you live and enjoy this very moment to its fullest.

Crap hold of this moment with both your hands and start enjoying life

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