Hand touching a wall, while person is thinking about how COVID-19 changed modern day rules

The day Modern Rules changed forever

It was 28 days into COVID-19 Lockdown when I discovered truths that changed modern rules forever. For many years we were accustomed to doing things a certain way. One day, everything changed and might I add, for the better.

Most people welcomed the first couple of weeks with open arms. Suddenly, the rush and busyness came to a halt, and it nearly felt like a long-overdue holiday.

However, with the lockdown extended, new emotions took hold of our hearts. We realised that normal, as we know it, will never be the same. People will always remember the invisible enemy that caused the whole world to become one in their fight against the silent killer. 

Then Level Four was announced. Lockdown with a twist and most people cracked. I stayed in bed for two days, ignoring the world around me. People often struggle to accept reality even though we know it is coming.

After two days, my resilience kicked in, and I slowly started facing life again. Holding a motto, not to expect something from someone else which I am not willing to do myself, I strolled through the garden, reflecting on my breakdown.

As I strolled through the garden, reflecting, fighting, praying and analysing, I realised that my breakdown was because of the uncertainty I experienced. And I believe, most people experience.

Everything as we know it changed. Every modern rule that governed our lives now seems to be a threat.

We lost all control and now have to adapt or die. For some, it is easier than for others. But no one has a choice. And the truth is, we are not sure what the new way we need to make our own is. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will look like today.

Every week we wait anxiously to hear what is next. We learned to go with the flow and not hold on to the modern rules as we knew. We find creative ways to survive. Not being sure brings confusion, frustration and also emotional turmoil. 

However, when we dare to look closer, we discover that the new way of living might be a blessing in disguise. 


Old Rule – We control what happens to us. 

New Rule – Things can change overnight.

The one day we were free to roam the streets and shopping centres. The next day we felt guilty to go out for essentials. Our perceptions changed in an instant. The outside world could no longer be used as an escape, fleeing from whatever is chasing us. Now, the outside world is the enemy. And I am not sure whether this awareness will change anytime soon. For the first time in many years, our homes became a safe place.

Old Rule – Tomorrow is another day.

New Rule – Our future holds no guarantee.

Before the Coronavirus struck, we were busy building our empires, companies and futures. Our attention and energy focussed on this one goal – to guarantee our future. And then, the Coronavirus crossed South Africa’s borders. Suddenly our futures were no more. All our hard work and aspirations changed when we moved into survival mode. We learned the value of taking life one day at a time. Our futures are not in our hands. The moment we are in is all we have. And the big question, how do we spend the moment gifted to us?

Old Rule – We have everything under control.

New Rule – No matter how strong we seem, everyone has their ups and downs.

Over the years, we develop a strong resilience. We find it easy to bounce back and see the positive in nearly every situation. But sometimes we forget that we are only human. We force ourselves to have it all together and stay positive all the time. But this Pandemic helped our weaknesses to surface and cause emotional turmoil. And it is OK. That is what makes us stick together, the fact that we are human and need one another.

Old Rule – We will never have to face what is wrong in our lives.

New Rule – The power of being forced to be still.

Unwillingly we were forced to face the chaotic music within the depths of our souls. We could no longer hide from ourselves. All the noise and busyness disappeared, and all we had left was ourselves. Many might see this as a curse, but I believe it is a blessing. Forced to sort out the stuff we always run from, set us up for more success in life. 

Old Rule – We do not have enough time. 

New Rule – 24 hours is enough.

We often wished that our days had more than 24 hours. Lockdown forced us to stay at home. And suddenly, 24 hours are more than enough to do what we must and WANT. May this be true for the rest of our lives.

Old Rule – Money buys happiness.

New Rule – We do not need a lot to be happy.

With all the shops, restaurants and entertainment closed, we had to find another source of happiness. Happiness now, comes from the little things in life, spending time with family, sipping coffee in the garden. Now, happiness comes from the depths of our souls, without any money spent.

Old Rule – Self-care is selfish.

New Rule – Self-care is essential.

Our focus moved from creating wealth to establishing health. Health became essential. Self-care is encouraged by WHO, Government and everyone we know. We learned to put ourselves first.

Old Rule – We can overcome on our own.

New Rule – Importance of knowing our firm foundation – Jesus Christ.

And finally; the only certainty we have, Jesus Christ. No matter how the storms of life try to capsize our boats, we know Jesus is the one who calms the storm. We hold on to the promise that everything will be OK because we know that He is in our future. He knows what the future holds, and He will guide us safely into it.

Our part – to trust His heart, even when we do not understand or see His hand. To stand on His promises and remind ourselves day and night, night and day. 

He is with us; He will never leave us nor will He forsake us. Even in an unstable world, we can find peace. We stand on the Rock of all ages. He has overcome, and therefore we will overcome.

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